Phew! Just finished this information pack for CENEX – the UK’s national centre of excellence for low carbon and fuel cell technologies. It was a race against the clock to ensure that printed copies were available on time for conference delegates. It was close, but we made it.

After the event Chris Walsh, Head of Technical Support and Consultancy, commented:

‘Wingfinger did some great work producing our Fleet carbon reduction information packs, helping us pull the whole job together against a very tight deadline.’

If you’d like us to bring together your information in a clear and concise way, give us a call on 0113 2450469.

We continue to do a lot of design for charity and non-profit organisations, and a new addition to our portfolio of reports and policy papers is the Jubilee Debt Campaign’s annual review. See more samples of reports in the reports section of our portfolio. Another recent addition to the site is a new case study on our approach to designing for languages. We’ve looked at some of the issues relating to this sort of design project, and the approaches we have developed at Wingfinger to turn a text-heavy or jargon-filled paper into a sharp, readable piece of literature.

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