Wingfinger partner Richard, along with his daughter Becky and friends completed the 24.5 mile Yorkshire Three Peaks Walk on 17 March 2012.

Becky is fundraising for her trip to Bangladesh in April, as part of a Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) Global Exchange group. Global Exchange is a Global Volunteering Experience which supports young people from all backgrounds to make a real difference to some of the world’s poorest people. VSO is an International Development Charity that works through and with Volunteers.

Whilst in Bangladesh Becky will live in a community in a host person’s home, learn first-hand about the culture and share skills, creativity and learning. In Bangladesh she will contribute to VSO Bangladesh’s Model Village concept – where poor and excluded people benefit from economic growth and social development. In the model village, community groups (Youth Clubs and Citizen Committees) are mobilised to work for the village development on issues affecting their communities. The aim of VSO Bangladesh is then to share best practice outcomes from these villages with many more in the same geographical area to maximise impact.

You can donate on her Just giving page (the money will go directly to VSO):

Phew! Just finished this information pack for CENEX – the UK’s national centre of excellence for low carbon and fuel cell technologies. It was a race against the clock to ensure that printed copies were available on time for conference delegates. It was close, but we made it.

After the event Chris Walsh, Head of Technical Support and Consultancy, commented:

‘Wingfinger did some great work producing our Fleet carbon reduction information packs, helping us pull the whole job together against a very tight deadline.’

If you’d like us to bring together your information in a clear and concise way, give us a call on 0113 2450469.

A guerilla gardening update – the birthday flower grenades have been deployed.

Pictured above are the Seedboms being prepared in a little water (although apparently they don’t have to be wet beforehand) and also a shot of the target area.

We had a birthday in the office this week and, as is Wingfinger custom, a special birthday card was created.

The exciting birthday present accompanying the card was a nifty piece of guerilla gardening design from a company called Kabloom. The Seedbom is basically a (grenade-shaped) lump of clay, plant food and flower seeds, ready to be thrown into your garden, your neighbour’s terrible backyard, or the local wasteground-come-fly tipping site. There is apparently enough planty goodness in the Seedbom to give the flowers the flying start they need.

Kabloom say that the Seedbom is manufactured from recycled, environmentally-friendly and locally-sourced materials, all of which we are fans of at Wingfinger!

There is more information on the Kabloom Facebook page, and you can buy your own four-pack of Seedboms at (An Easter egg alternative, perhaps?)

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