Wingfinger’s design services

At Wingfinger we aim for creative solutions with clear communication and visual interest, tailor-made to the needs (and budget) of the client. We will always consider the content of the copy before shaping a design that will support and enhance its meaning.

We offer the following services…

Graphic design

UTravelActive campaigns to help staff and students, in Leeds, to walk and cycle more often

Good design means putting together ideas, words and images in a way that gives the client what they need. There’s a lot more to graphic design than just making things look pretty. ‘Pretty’ has its place, as does Serious, Sophisticated, or Really Wild, but if anything confuses the message, out it goes. We always try to put ourselves into the shoes of the end-user, whether they’re a council worker in York or a health volunteer in Nairobi.

Over the years we’ve designed everything from magazines, books, leaflets and posters to logos, websites and campaign banners. Whether you’re looking for a one-off piece of print or a rebranding to last the next ten years, we will seek out the right creative solution for your particular situation.

Take a look through our portfolio for examples covering the full range of our recent work. For a taste of our creative process, read this case study on the development of a logo. And if you’d like to get Wingfinger involved, call us now and we can talk through your project together.

Web design


We’ve been working in web design for many years, and aim to build good-looking and accessible sites that get you where you want to go with the minimum of fuss. We do in-house web development and from time to time work collaboratively with other web specialists on visuals and style sheets.

Nowhere do the goalposts move faster than in the field of web development. Here’s a checklist of things we think about before starting a new web project. You can see examples of our web design in our portfolio.

  • Compatibility: There are so many browsers and platforms out there that it’s essential to keep closely to best practice guidelines, ensuring that all visitors to the site will see more or less the same thing.
  • Accessibility: We like sites that work for most people, and that degrade gracefully when the site visitor lacks any of the technologies required.
  • Database: Where data is to be stored and processed online, we’ll design a system that provides the level of security and flexibility that suits the job in hand, usually using MySQL/PHP.
  • Content management: Most clients have the need to update sections of their websites themselves. We provide a Wingfinger-customised WordPress system tailored to our clients’ requirements.
  • Ease of use: Above all, we keep in mind the experience of the end-user. This rates above originality when it comes to letting site visitors know where they are and what they can do next. If they have to think about the navigation, we’ve failed: it should be predictable, consistent and intuitive.



Images come in all shapes, sizes and media – part of the craft is choosing images to complement and enhance text. Computer graphics, cartoons, technical drawing and photography are all used. Even boot prints and tea-bag stains. Wingfinger has access to good sources of stock photography, and we will go all-out to find the images that will bring your document or website to life. And we’ll occasionally venture out with a camera or a sketchpad in search of that all-important visual!

We love a creative challenge (and the opportunity to break out the pencils!) – you can see examples of our illustration work here. We are happy to take on illustration commissions unconnected to print and web projects – just get in touch and tell us what you’re looking for. We’re always excited to get back to our arty Wingfinger roots and produce some custom, handcrafted imagery that will create a unique impact for your job.


It’s ink on paper, we hear you say – what’s so hard about that? Not much, really, unless you want us to tell you about trapping, or dot gain, or creep … Wingfinger has an extensive knowledge of how print works and can produce work that makes it easy for printers to do their thing. We have long-standing and strong working relationships with a number of printers, all of whom have delivered excellent results.

We are able to advise clients on every aspect of printing – from paper quality through to delivery – and many appreciate our all-in-one design and print service. We’ll always try and find the printer who will do the best for your particular job, and at a reasonable price. Some clients have used us as a print consultant to monitor quality, source quotations and troubleshoot production issues on their behalf.

We are also happy to investigate other merchandise and media – from display stands to coasters to fridge magnets, we can help you make sure your branding gets where you need it.

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