Guerilla gardening

Posted Monday, 29 March 2010 by Amy

We had a birthday in the office this week and, as is Wingfinger custom, a special birthday card was created.

The exciting birthday present accompanying the card was a nifty piece of guerilla gardening design from a company called Kabloom. The Seedbom is basically a (grenade-shaped) lump of clay, plant food and flower seeds, ready to be thrown into your garden, your neighbour’s terrible backyard, or the local wasteground-come-fly tipping site. There is apparently enough planty goodness in the Seedbom to give the flowers the flying start they need.

Kabloom say that the Seedbom is manufactured from recycled, environmentally-friendly and locally-sourced materials, all of which we are fans of at Wingfinger!

There is more information on the Kabloom Facebook page, and you can buy your own four-pack of Seedboms at (An Easter egg alternative, perhaps?)

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