Carplus website is up and running

Posted Tuesday, 26 January 2010 by Richard

January has seen the relaunch of the Carplus website. Wingfinger came on board to help carplus restructure content and to bring the site across to a WordPress-powered CMS. We’ve found WordPress to be a versatile and accessible content management tool, and are once again pleased with the results!

The site was redeveloped to complement (and in the future, incorporate) an existing site, Carclubs UK, designed by Provokateur design agency. Although the new Carplus site was far more content-driven, and needed several levels of navigation, we used Provokateur’s lovely, crisp imagery to preserve the nice light feel of its sister site.

We wanted a design that would stand up to regular content change and additions, and created a WordPress theme that would give our client maximum flexibility for content input, without the worries of corrupting the actual page layout (a classic CMS issue!). Along with creating standard pages of text and image content, the client is able to create forms and databases for event bookings, and create, mail out and display XML newsletters.

We’ve enjoyed a great working relationship with Carplus throughout the redevelopment, and have put together an on-going support package to ensure that the site continues to blossom, and remains adaptable for their needs.

Carplus is a national charity promoting responsible car use. Their website contains a wide range of information and resources on sustainable transport information, setting up car share clubs, and the environmental, financial and social impact of car dependency. Find news and updates on the organisation at

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